Readability in Translated Texts

A common error that many Chinese translators make is to stick to the original text too tight, without much consideration of the readability of the target text. When it comes to special terms or jargons, it is necessary for the Chinese translator to provide enough pertinent background information to assist the reader’s comprehension. For instance, the second column is our revised translation.

English Source Text Simplified Chinese Translation Simplified Chinese Translation (Revised)
The Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center is a program of Idea Foundry, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) funded by local foundations and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that provides hands-on technology transfer and commercialization assistance to startups, research institutions, and large corporations. 匹兹堡区域投资中心是匹兹堡高科技开发投资公司Idea Foundry的一个计划。匹兹堡高科技开发投资公司是匹兹堡一家由基金会和宾州政府支持的非盈利机构。他们为创业企业,科研机构和大型企业提供技术转让和产品商业化服务。 匹兹堡区域投资中心 (The Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center) 为创意工场 (Idea Foundry) 旗下公司。创意工场是一家非盈利机构,由匹兹堡当地基金会和宾州政府依照美国税法501(c)(3) 条款扶持创立。本司致力于为新创业公司、研究机构以及大型企业在技术转移和商品化过程中提供手把手式的协助和服务。

Quality, Human English-Chinese Translations

It is probably a truism to say that the best quality of English to Chinese translations that electronic devices could provide is still far from the quality of professional human English to Chinese translators. However, companies like to use phrases such as “superior translation and accurate communication” or “flawless” in their advertisement. A simple way to find out about their quality, as many have suggested, is to feed a sentence to any such devices, and let it translate just across a few languages that they claims to be capable of, and let it translate it back to the original language, and you’ll see the difference.

How can I translate a website to Chinese?

Chinese translation servicesHow can I translate a website to Chinese? This is a question that was asked on Quora, and I think many also want to know the answer.

The person who posed this question was seeking a solution to get the main idea of a website quickly, a solution that can be achieved by most machine translation engines. Among the many alternatives, Google Translate was probably the best candidate. Google Translate is capable of translate contents of websites into multiple languages, including Chinese.

However, if you have a website that want to be translated into Chinese, the best solution is to use professional Chinese translation services by human translators. This will ensure that the translation is accurate, reliable and appropriate to the target culture.


Future Prospects for Mom-n-Pop Shops

“We want to sell you all kinds of stuff”, said President Obama in the joint Press Conference with President Hu recently held in D.C. As the Sino-US bilateral business relations continue to proper in the next decades, the future prospects of many U.S. mom-and-pop shops might find that they need to push into the global marketplace, especially the booming Chinese market, quickly. Just image a consumer base of 1.3 billion. But in order to successfully interact with this market, you need to speak their language, i.e., Mandarin Chinese. English-Chinese Translations of your products, services are essential for your entry to this huge Chinese marketplace.

Voice-over Translation: An Overview

Franco, Matamala and Orero’s edited volume Voice-over Translation: An Overview is (Peter Lang AG, 2010) is the first study addressing voice-over from a wide perspective, including academic concerns and actual practice of in translation industry. In this book, the conception of voice-over in film studies and translation studies has been defined and the relationship between voice-over and other audiovisual mode has also been clarified. The authors also discussed voice-over both for production and postproduction translation process. The contents of the book include: Voice-over from Film Studies to Translation Studies : Typology and working conditions; The translation process – Voice-over for production; Training in voice-over – Giving voice to practitioners and academics: A global survey on voice-over.

Institute of Interpretation and Translation in China

Language interpretation and translation has gradually emerged both as a discipline of academic study and also as an area of vocational schooling, aiming at training and certifying future conference interpreters for ever-booming export-oriented Chinese economy over the last three decades. Various institutes and colleges of interpretation and translation have been setup in major foreign studies universities in China. For example, the prestigious Beijing Foreign Studies University has its Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, offering courses for English-Chinese translation and interpreting at master level and linguistics courses at doctorate level.

Shanghai International Studies University has also setup its own Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, training masters in translation and interpreting.

Mandarin Popup for Learners of Chinese

Mandarin Popup is a Firefox adds-on that enable learners of Chinese to look up Chinese characters or words with ease. It will display a tooltip containing the Chinese character (both Simplidied and Traditional), pinyin pronunciation, and English definition of the word underneath the mouse pointer. You can also use the context menu to browse and search Chinese new words and characters.

Translating Natural Languages

Language is a generic term referring to system of communication. And it consists of natural languages and artificial languages.  Natural languages  are systems used for communications in our society, such as Chinese, English, German, Spanish, etc. Artificial languages are man-made and are generally used for specific purposes, such as communication between human beings and computers. While converting one artificial language to another may not be difficult, translating between natural languages is no easy task at all. There’re many research in the area of machine translation. That is, use computers to translate English to Chinese, for example, automatically, and efficiently. Even though this area of study has been around for move than half a century, it’s still far from being stable. In the meantime, human translators are still the best resources that we can use in current translation business.

Translation Under State Control

Ideology plays an important role in almost everything, under the socialist regime. And this surely include language translation as well.  Gaby Thomson-Wohlgemuth’s recent book “Translation Under State Control” is an excellent example of this. English to German translation of children’s literature has been greatly influenced, or controlled by the socialist regime of the former German Democratic Republic.