English or Chinese Translation Services by Machine Translation

English or Chinese translation services, if rendered by machine translation, many times produce very dramatic effect. Such translation usually does not make any sense at all, a point we discussed earlier.

The following picture shows a sign post for a Guiyang Police Department. Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, in southwestern China, has been literally translated as “the expensive sun”. This dramatic translation of such prominent city simply shows the low quality of the machine translation software it was employed. Even Google Translate or Microsoft Bing Translator could identify that Guiyang is a place. If, however, this was done by a human translator, I wonder what was the translator thinking when he or she did this. How on earth could the sun be expensive? Where was he or she exposed to such collocation?

The complete translation of goes like this: “The expensive sun multiplies by a day a police to pay a bridge”. Does this make sense to you? When it comes to quality English or Chinese translation services, machine translator can’t be trusted or even considered in the first place.



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