Why do you need to see my document before you can give me a quote?

In order to give you a full and accurate quote for your document, we need to (1)count the number of words; (2)see what formatting is required; (3)see what level of technical expertise is required; (4)calculate how much time I will need; (5)consider any other special requirements (if you have them); The easiest and most efficient way for us to do this is to have a look at your document. All documents are treated as confidential, even if you choose not to proceed.

How long will it take you to translate/edit/proofread my document?

On average, we can translate 1500-2000 words per day, edit 3000-6000 words per day and proofread 6000-8000 words per day. However, a text that is technically difficult, that requires a large amount of background research (such as when it uses particularly obscure/new terminology), or that has complex formatting requirements may take longer. For example, because they are complex in both a technical and legal sense, patents in particular require more time than average.

What if I need my document back particularly urgently?

We will do our utmost to meet your needs, but we also believe that rushing too much can affect quality. We don’t like compromising on quality, so if you are sure you want your document back particularly urgently we may add a disclaimer.

How many dialects are there in China?

Chinese is a big language family that consists of languages or dialects that are mutually intelligible to some degree. Depending on classification scheme, the Spoken Chinese are said to have seven to thirteen dialects, of which Madarin(普通话) has about 850 million speakers, followed by Wu(吴语)at 90 million, and Cantonese (粤语) at 70 millions. The following image (from wikipedia) might give you a general idea.

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