Readability in Translated Texts

A common error that many Chinese translators make is to stick to the original text too tight, without much consideration of the readability of the target text. When it comes to special terms or jargons, it is necessary for the Chinese translator to provide enough pertinent background information to assist the reader’s comprehension. For instance, the second column is our revised translation.

English Source Text Simplified Chinese Translation Simplified Chinese Translation (Revised)
The Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center is a program of Idea Foundry, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) funded by local foundations and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that provides hands-on technology transfer and commercialization assistance to startups, research institutions, and large corporations. 匹兹堡区域投资中心是匹兹堡高科技开发投资公司Idea Foundry的一个计划。匹兹堡高科技开发投资公司是匹兹堡一家由基金会和宾州政府支持的非盈利机构。他们为创业企业,科研机构和大型企业提供技术转让和产品商业化服务。 匹兹堡区域投资中心 (The Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center) 为创意工场 (Idea Foundry) 旗下公司。创意工场是一家非盈利机构,由匹兹堡当地基金会和宾州政府依照美国税法501(c)(3) 条款扶持创立。本司致力于为新创业公司、研究机构以及大型企业在技术转移和商品化过程中提供手把手式的协助和服务。

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