The following are some of our translation samples in the field of technology, business, and finance.

Technology: User Manual
Do not leave the unit on a surface that may become hot such as a dashboard. The unit is not heat-resistant so may malfunction. DRIVER MUST NOT OPERATE OR VIEW THIS UNIT WHILE OPERATING THE VEHICLE. Doing so will distract the driver and could cause a collision resulting in serious injury or property damage. Do not attach or detach the unit or the bracket while the car is moving. Do not attach the unit in the following locations: anywhere other than the back seat; where it can be viewed or operated by the driver; where it interferes with the driver’s operation of the vehicle; where it interferes with the operation of an airbag; Ensure that the bracket belt is securely fastened and check the lock on the unit. Refer to installation instructions. In the event of an accident, sudden acceleration or braking the unit could become loose and cause injury or property damage. Only use the XX bracket supplied to attach the unit to the car seat. 不要将本设备置于可能发热的物体之上,如仪表盘。本设备不耐热,过热易出故障。驾驶者在驾驶中严禁操纵或查看本设备。否则,驾驶者注意力分散容易撞车,造成严重人身伤害或财产损失。汽车行驶中,不要装上或解下本设备或托架。请勿将本设备置于: 除后座外其它任何位置; 驾驶者可以查看或操纵的位置; 会干扰驾驶者驾驶汽车的位置; 会影响气囊正常工作的位置; 确保托架带牢固扣紧,检查设备上的锁。查阅安装指南。事故、突然加速或刹车能使设备松动,造成人身伤害或财产损失。在车座上只用提供的 XX 托架来固定设备。
Technology: Machinery
The abrasive cords are used to sand, clean, or remove any unwanted metal burr from sewing machine parts. They can reach those areas with much more effectiveness than a strip of sandpaper or a cloth with abrasive paste. The cords are ideal for slots, grooves, small holes, and curved surfaces. 磨砂绳用于磨光、清洁或去除缝纫机部件中任何无用的金属毛刺。与条状砂纸或带有磨砂面的砂布相比,磨砂绳更能有效的接触到这些毛刺,是打磨狭缝、沟槽、细孔以及曲面的理想工具。
Business: Real Estate
XXX’s real estate sector has been experiencing a revival following the shocks of the Asian financial crisis and the global economic downturn. The global economic recovery and high commodity prices have created a prosperous environment in the urban centres. The growing wealth is swelling the ranks of the middle class which is raising demand for mid level and luxury property, resulting in numerous new projects springing up in XXX and secondary cities. Demand for low income housing has also increased giving rise to satellite cities outside of the capital. Inflation is a continuing source of concern in the residential market but is being kept in check by rising incomes and an expanding of housing credit by the banks, although lending rates remain high. A similar trend is being seen for office and retail space as investors and retail service providers are keen to set up shop to tap the optimistic mood among businesses and consumers. 在经历了亚洲金融危机和全球经济衰退的冲击之后,XXX 的房地产行业已经开始复苏。全球经济的复苏以及商品的高涨价格使得各大市区繁荣兴盛。随着中产阶级的财富不断增长,中等及豪华住宅的需求不断加大,这使得众多新项目如雨后春笋般涌现于首都 XXX 以及二线城市。同时,低收入住房的需求也在增长,这使得首都周边诞生了一些卫星城市。在住宅市场中,通货膨胀仍然是忧虑的根源,尽管贷款利率仍旧居高不下,但是收入的增长和银行住宅信贷额度的提高使通货膨胀得以维持平衡。办公和零售行业也呈现出类似的趋势,投资者和零售服务供应商都在积极地增开商店,以便在企业和消费者的乐观情绪中广进财源。
Business: Money Market
XXX, a global leader in money transfer services, announced that one hundred and fifty (150) university students in China, ages 18-22, will receive partial scholarships through a grant from XXX’s corporate citizenship program, increasing their retention rate with the additional financial support. Through XXX’s Our World, Our Family® program, the company is donating $50,000 (RMB 340,000) towards the scholarships to commemorate XXX services in China for 15 years. Financial pressure is cited as a key reason for drop-out rates and the scholarships will boost retention rates, helping pay for things like tuition, board and accommodation fees for 150 students from Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology (formerly known as Guangdong Maoming College) in Maoming, Guangdong. Ninety students will be granted scholarships at commencement of their three-year associate degree, while 60 students will receive funds to complete their remaining second and third years. 作为全球领先的汇款服务公司,XXX 宣布通过其企业公民计划向 150 位 18-22 岁之间的中国大学生提供部分奖学金,以提高大学生的就读率。 XXX 通过 “我们的世界,我们的家庭”® 计划,捐赠奖学金 50,000 美元(人民币 340, 000元),以纪念 XXX 进驻中国 15 年。经济压力被认为是学生辍学的一个主要原因,而提供奖学金则可以提高就读率。这些奖学金将用于帮助 150 名广东石化工业大学(前广东省茂名学院,位于广东茂名)的学生交纳学费和食宿费。其中,90 名学生将在他们第三年被授予准学士学位时颁发该项奖学金,60名学生也将获得资助,以帮助他们完成第二和第三年的学业。
Business: Construction
XXX is a multidisciplinary design firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in conceptualization, interior design and planning, building design and project management. Founded in 1994, XXX has earned a shining reputation for its innovative, responsible and budget-conscious interior and exterior design strategies. Our clients include a broad range of commercial, institutional, hospitality and residential clients in Canada, the U.S.A. and Asia. XXX has received industry recognition through numerous awards of excellence from organizations including The Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC, The Home Builders Association of Washington State and the Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia. XXX is a member of the Canadian and US Green Building Councils and our experienced LEED AP design staff enables us to approach all projects with a commitment to the environment and a focus on sustainable and responsible design. XXX 是一家位于加拿大卑诗省温哥华的跨学科设计公司。我司专注于概念构思、室内设计及规划、建筑设计和项目管理。公司成立于 1994 年,因其创新、负责任以及为顾客精打细算的室内外设计策略获得良好声誉。我们的客户遍布加拿大、美国及亚洲,涵盖多个领域,包括商业、机构团体、医院和住宅用户。我司多次获得由加拿大卑诗省住宅建筑商协会、华盛顿住宅建筑商协会和卑诗省室内设计师协会等颁发的荣誉奖项,得到同行的认可。与此同时,XXX 是加拿大及美国绿色建筑委员会的成员。我司经验丰富的 LEEP AP 设计人员有能力协调环境与项目之间的关系,专注于可持续和负责任的设计。
Finance: Accounting
Moving Forward Working Together: When you become a member of XXX, you will never stand alone again. All of our members are welcoming, friendly, approachable, diverse and professional. This makes for lively and interesting exchanges and also gives members the opportunity to learn from those that see things differently through their own cultures, marketplaces and business practices. Global activities that serve our membership and help our members assist each other are: Regional Associations – members in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and North America have organized regional groups to assist fellow members that include membership meetings, firm practice surveys, sharing of information and resources, referral and joint engagement work, and other services and activities. 携手向前 成为 XXX 一员以后,您将再也不会独自应对各种挑战。我们的成员热情、友好、平易近人,由来自各种背景的专业人士组成。这样,我们的交流将生动有趣,而且会员也能够从不同的文化角度,市场环境和商业惯例来审视自己的业务。我们通过一系列的全球活动服务我们的会员,并帮助成员互帮互助。这些活动包括: 区域协会 –我们的区域协会遍布亚太地区,欧洲,中东和非洲,拉丁美洲和北美洲。在这些区域协会里,我们的成员组成区域小组,互帮互助。协助的方式包括会议、公司实践调查、共享信息和资源、推荐及合作伙伴,以及其他服务和活动。
Finance: Corporate Fact Sheet
Global Payments and Treasury Services: XXX provides global payment and treasury services to financial institutions, multinational corporations, government organizations, NGOs and charitable organizations, and operates in more than 130 currencies worldwide. XXX offers cost-efficient and competitive rates, 24-hour service, and the highest standards of transparency and regulatory compliance.Foreign Exchange: We offer our commercial customers the full range of products to manage foreign exchange risk on both the futures and OTC markets including forwards, NDF’s and options. In addition, we offer sophisticated traders a tailored foreign exchange prime brokerage trading capability utilizing a wide range of leading edge trading platforms combined with access to multiple liquidity providers. 全球支付和财务服务: XXX 可在全球范围内,为金融机构、跨国公司、政府机构、非政府组织及慈善机构提供支付和财务服务,营运币种高达 130 种以上。 XXX 提供全天候服务,价格有竞争力,成本效益高,而且拥有最高标准的运营透明度与合规性。外汇交易: 我们为商业客户提供整套外汇风险管理服务,包括期货和场外交易市场(含远期外汇、无本金交割远期外汇,及期权)此外,我们为资深投资者提供定制的外汇交易服务,通过我们提供的各种先进交易平台,以及众多流动资金供应商,资深投资者能够进行大宗经纪交易。